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Increase your outdoor space with a multi-level deck. We have tips for designing the site, installing beams, trimming the edges, and more.

If you don’t have a ton of horizontal patio space, consider building vertically. A multi-level deck is a great way to increase the function of your garden and enjoy the great outdoors.

duck building space

Creating a multi-level roof is more complicated than creating a single-level roof. Our expert advice will guide you through every step of the process, from designing the site to adding the finishing touches. Read on for resources to make your multi-level deck dreams come true.

How to design the site

Once you’ve chosen a location for your deck, the next step is to design the site. This multi-step process is crucial to getting it right, laying the foundation for the rest of the platform. Start by installing a ledger for each level. Next, you’ll have to build batting boards, run rope lines, check for squads, and mark the locations of the feet. We guide you through the entire process here.

How to lay rafters and rafters

Your multi-level deck really starts to take shape once you place the joists and joists. Both steps are quite time consuming (expect to spend six hours installing joists and four to five hours installing joists), but it’s crucial that you don’t cut corners. Beams and joists are extremely important to the overall safety and stability of the deck, and we will show you how to install them correctly for a two-story deck.

How covered with a central strip

Once the joists and joists are installed, it is time to start laying the deck. We use the center strip method to ensure even space between the boards. Expect to spend approximately 8 hours cutting and laying boards for a 300 square foot deck. You can see the full tutorial here.

How to trim the edges

Adding decorative trim to your platform is optional, but has a strong style impact. Also, the installation is super simple. Just cut the edge and pin it to the edges of the boards. See the full 4-step process here.

How to build deep and wide stairs

The deep and wide stairs are ideal for the lower level of your deck. They add an elegant touch and make a graceful transition to the patio below. To install the stairs, you will use stringers attached to a spider and a toe. We’ll show you exactly how to do it here.

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How to install railing

Railings are important on any deck, but especially one with multiple levels. This tutorial guides you through the process of building and installing railing. You will learn how to space posts, attach posts to joists, reinforce top rails, and more.

How to add baseboards

If the first tier of your multi-tier deck is high enough that you can see underneath it, consider using skirts to cover the bases and frames. Not only does this decorative touch look pretty, it also makes under-deck storage a breeze. Learn how to install baseboards here.